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Partnership Program

Rusam Maritime has prepared the Rusam Collaboration project exclusively for seafarers: an affiliate program, the card holder will receive unique discounts in various areas from recreation and entertainment to car dealers.

The full list of privileges developed for you together with our partners You can see below and also at VK и Instagram.

1. Banzai Cafes and restaurants 20% discount when order from 700 rubles
2. Там Где Кофе Cafes and restaurants cash back 10%
3. Bravo Italia Cafes and restaurants cash back 8%
4. ibis Hotels 10% discount from the current rate
5. Mercure Hotels 13% discount from the rate
6. Левченко и партнёры Legal consultation 50% discount for consultations, 25% discount for services
7. Turango Car and tire service 5% discount
8. Callips Clothes, shoes, accessories 7% discount
9. Orange Gold Gym Fitness 7% discount on 1, 3, 6 and 12 months season tickets
10. odadaflowerkaliningrad Flowers delivery
free shipping in Kaliningrad, chocolate bar with each bouquet
as a gift, 5% discount from the cost of the bouquet, 
40% discount for delivery in the Kaliningrad region.
11. Crystal House Hotels
15% discount
12. Hoffmann (Crystal House) Cafes and restaurants
10% discount
13. Outdoor terrace The View
(Crystal House)
Cafes and restaurants
10% discount
14. SPA Morion (Crystal House) SPA 
10% discount
15. Арманика Сar service
10% on all repairs and 15% on all spare parts for silencers

The list will be updated as the project develops.

More information you can find out when you receive the card in our office.

Partnership card

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