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For Seafarers

Hereby we would like to inform the seafarers on some peculiarities of agency services we are rendering in employment of Russian speaking seamen on bulker vessels under management of Eagle Ship Management LLC.

First of all, we would like to underline that RusAm, as well as other crewing agencies, are not employer and we do not employ the seafarers. RusAm is an intermediary between the seafarer and the employer.

RusAm has a Manning Agreement with the ship owner for each vessel. Moreover, we have a copy of the Agreement between the ship owner and Russian Seafarers’ Union (Kaliningrad Branch), member of ITF. There is also a special agreement between the ship owner and ITF additionally confirming responsibilities of the parties, including those of the ship owner.
Each seafarer after confirmation of his employment and before joining the vessel signs individual contract containing all principal provisions of the employment contract.

Every crew member for the duration of his contract is insured in the first-class insurance club against trauma, illness, disability etc.

RusAm carries out its activities in compliance with ILO Convention 2006. Agency services on employment of seafarers are free of charge. Moreover, the ship owners compensate to the seafarers 100 per cent of the expenses arising from US visa opening as well as expenses for visas to other countries if needed to join the vessel.

Medical examination is free of charge for the seafarers – the ship owners cover these expenses also.

Moreover, the ship owners bear expenses for Flag State documents (Marshall Islands) – Seaman’s Identification and Record Book and Endorsement for Officers, and Seaman’s Identification and Record Book for Ratings.

It is also worth mentioning that all vessels have 100 per cent Russian speaking crews which are selected by RusAm. This gives us the advantage to plan crew changes in advance, both for masters and for ratings, and owing to this we may inform the relief candidates on expected date of joining the vessel, country of crew change and arrange visa if required well in advance.
Also this allows us to solicit the employer for promotion of officers and ratings having relevant certificate of competency and good references during current voyage. During last 18 months 12 officers and ratings were promoted onboard of our vessels.
Practically every officer has an opportunity for promotion up to the rank of Master or Chief Engineer.

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