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Our Training system

RUSAM is paying special attention to quality of training for our Seafarers and constantly doing best to meet the highest standards and requirements in this respect.

We have developed system of special & additional training (RTS : RUSAM Training System) which was created by us to improve quality of training . Mentioned system including such training courses as following (for example):

  • English language courses
  • Familiarization with Shipowner's SMS (Safety Management System)
  • Familiarization with Shipowner's PMS (Planning Maintenance System)
  • Pre-Voyage Briefing
  • Technical / Safety Seminars (for Officers & Ratings)
  • "Ebola, Malaria, Yellow Fever: precautionary measures" (including special testing)
  • Special additional training for Ship's Cooks (accordingly to MLC 2006)
  • Other internal training courses accordingly with requirements & instructions of Shipowner

Our Training Library has useful maritime manuals & publications . We're constantly follow to all news and innovations in marine industry and keeping Training Library updated by new publications.

Our Training Centre equipped by modern computers for quality training.

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