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Seafarers' Health

The Seafarers health is of prime importance for RUSAM Maritime Agency. Before every voyage seamen pass a medical examination (PEME: Pre-Employment Medical Examination) on specially designed forms. Cost of medical examination compensate by the Shipowner.

We would like to point out the importance of a healthy lifestyle - a seafarer should be in good health to be fit for service at sea.

During medical examination (PEME) BMI - Body Mass Index is calculated. BMI allows to estimate the degree of weight and height conformity of an individual, and thus, indirectly assess whether the mass is insufficient, normal or excessive.

The BMI calculation formula is the following: BMI = weight (kg) / height (m) x height (m). For example, a person weighs = 70 kg, with height of 1.75 m. Then, the body mass index in this case is derived as follows:

BMI = 70 / (1.75 × 1.75) = 22.9

According to the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization), the following interpretation of the BMI values has been developed:

16 or less Severe underweight
16—18.5 Lack (deficiency) of body weight
18.5—24.9 Normal range
25—29.9 Overweight (pre-obesity)
30—34.9 First degree obesity
35—39.9 Second degree of obesity
40 and over Third degree obesity (morbid)

According to the Eagle Shipowner instructions, the BMI of a seafarer planning for a voyage should not exceed the value of 30, and the weight should not be more than 99 kg.

RUSAM encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical exercises, healthy diet, proper sleep, no smoking, no alcohol and sugary drinks, etc.

Please find below some links to healthy lifestyle brochures, which were specially developed by leading insurance clubs (P&I Clubs):

Your health is the basis of Your stable job!
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